ABC NEWS: Voice of La Comay Reportedly Resigns…

ABC News

The man who voices the lady-puppet that dominates Puerto Rico’s airwaves recently resigned amidst controversy, according to reports from various Puerto Rican news outlets. However, WAPA — the station he appears on — has not yet responded to repeated requests for comment to confirm the reports.

Antulio «Kobbo» Santarrosa, the SuperXclusivo TV show creator and puppet-master behind La Comay, ignited a boycott of the show after making controversial remarks about the brutal slaying of publicist José Enrique Gomez in December.The movement successfully convinced dozens of advertisers to pull funding during the show, arguing that his statements regarding the murder were indicative of how the show promoted discrimination against the LGBT community, racism, and sexism. WAPA denied these claims, arguing that in the case of the controversial murder, La Comay was simply repeating statements made by other news sources on the island.

Puerto Rico’s two largest newspapers, Primera Hora and El Nuevo Dia, reported that Santarrosa put in his resignation on Monday or Tuesday, in stories which relied on anonymous sources. On Wednesday, morning Puerto Rican online news sourceNoticel reported that Santarrosa himself confirmed the news. Santarrosa could not be reached Wednesday afternoon at a cell phone number registered to the TV-personality.

According to the report from El Nuevo Dia , Santarrosa refused to continue with the show under the new guidelines set forth by WAPA TV, which stipulated that the program, which had always been aired Live, be pre-screened for controversial content. Santarrosa submitted his resignation on Monday, and the show was forced to re-run Monday’s episode on Tuesday, Primera Hora reported.

Activist Pedro Julio Serrano, who has been one of the leaders of the movement to boycott SuperXclusivo, is hesitant to celebrate the news until it is confirmed by WAPA.

«I want to be very cautious. In my 15 years of activism, I’ve always been prudent,» Serrano said. «And I don’t want to give a comment until this is confirmed.

Yet another news source on the island, Metro PR, reported that the puppeteer may be moving to Mega TV, a U.S.-based Spanish-language network. A Mega TV spokesperson said they could not confirm or deny the report at this time.

But, Serrano says that this is likely no more than a «rumor.» If it were true, the boycott would move to Mega TV, Serrano said.

«This boycott is not against WAPA,» Serrano said. «It’s against Santarrosa and we will follow him and others who act like him wherever they go.»

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